Monday, August 6, 2012


August 5th

Today I will pass into Connecticut and say goodbye to Massachusetts.  It should be my only night in Connecticut, since there are only 52 miles of trail there.

I feel mentally refreshed after a wonderful visit from my mother.  She had spent a whole day making plans for our time together and they quickly got destroyed after the airline lost her luggage and I got sick.  I would say everything worked out much better than we could have planned.  We did much less hiking than was planned and I was grateful. I needed a break.  We took some time to drive to Rhode Island since neither of us had ever been.  The next day we visited some covered bridges and hiked six miles of the trail over a mountain and had dinner at the local brewery.  The last day we walked around Great Barrington, MA and enjoyed a nice lunch before we went our separate ways.

I can't thank my mother enough.  She continues to be my biggest supporter and fan.  Thank you Mom!!!!

Now that I feel mentally and physically rejuvenated, back to hiking.  I plan on averaging big miles if I can stay focused.  I just saw that Sunday Ticket is free this year on Direct TV.  The Broncos are going to be playing for a Super Bowl.  I need to see it unfold...


Life is like an ever-shifting kaleidoscope – a slight change, and all patterns alter.  -Sharon Salzberg

Saturday, July 21, 2012


July 21st

Just finished my 500th mile!


July 20th

I woke up very cold this morning because I sent all my cold weather gear home.  The temperature was in the upper 50's but I was uncomfortably cold.  I knew today was the opening of the Batman movie so Gaga, Little Wing, Rocketman, and I got up early to go to Rutland, VT to see it.

In town, I went to EMS and picked up an emergency blanket and a bite valve cover for my Camelbak(I got sick of drinking dirt).  We all hit up the Taco Bell before the movie.  Once at the theater we saw four other Sobos(Excell, Lorax, Chef, & Avacado) going to the same movie.

The movie was disappointing... 

Wal-Mart was next to the theater so I picked up some drink mix, Snickers, and a five by eight piece of fleece to stay warm.  The fleece was four dollars and I made a poncho/snuggie out of it.  It's awesome.

I stopped by Subway then got a hitch back to trail and did a few miles before bed time.  Great day!!!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Circle Dance

July 15th

This morning I met some of the hippies from Dancing Bones.  One certifiably crazy old lady gave us some apple sausage pizza. Then we all had to hold hands and do a circle dance.  She doesn't like line dancing, it separates the energy and she funds it very abrasive.  I couldn't help but laugh out loud.  She was planning a teddy bear picnic today for the children in the community.

Gaga, Little Wing, and I are hiking together today.  We hitched to a general store from the first road to get snacks, ice cream, and soda.


We finished our miles quickly after getting a hitch back. I hammocked in the shelter for the first time.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dancing Bones

July 14th

I finally caught up to my friends who are already asleep here at the Dancing Bones Community.  I had a tough day...   I got so dehydrated I stopped sweating for the last couple hours and had cold chills walking up hill.  I couldn't drink enough water to make up for the amount I was sweating.  To make matters worse I wasn't hungry last night so I skipped dinner and it killed my energy.

I climbed Mt. Moosilauke today it was rather disappointing for a 4800 foot mountain.  There were atleast twenty tourists at the peak and visibility was terrible due to hazy air.  I think I am done with big climbs until the Smokies.  That is bittersweet for sure but more bitter than sweet.

I made a bacon parmesan Knorr side with bacon pieces and cream from the community fridge, it is delicious for trail food.  I hope they don't mind that I used the cream or that helped myself to some sweet tea.

On that note the things I think about most on trail:

1. Beautiful women
2. Ice cold sweet tea and Mountain Dew
3. Good pulled pork bbq
4. Creamy coleslaw
5. Cold beer (IPA)
6. Showers

Thanks to Dancing Bones I got 2 & 6 tonight!!!  And I cooked on a real stove in the outdoor kitchen.

Gaga, Little Wing, and I have a short day planned tomorrow and it us supposed to thunderstorm in the afternoon.  Hopefully I will get up early and knockout the miles so I can sit in the shelter and watch!

Love you all.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

July 13

I zeroed at Chet's in Lincoln yesterday.  I went swimming with some fellow hikers at a condo complex down the street.  I ate four big meals including biscuits and homemade sausage gravy prepared by Gaga.

Today I was going to get up early and do nineteen miles to meet up with Gaga and Little Wing tomorrow morning.  They are slackpacking which means they take only food and water and hike a big day Northbound.  I figured out I'm a purist so I won't slack.  I came out here to backpack the trail and I'm sticking to it.  I may not get my miles in with my late start but I'll catch them tomorrow.

I have some big climbs today and they are all in the shade which will be nice because it is rather warm here.  I will be over 400 miles by the end of tomorrow. I will be out of the mountains and New Hampshire in a week.

There are computers for hikers to use at Dartmouth and I will try to get some videos and pictures uploaded.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, I know I will.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Whites

July 10

Sorry I haven't been writing. I'm in the White Mountains now.  I climbed Washington yesterday and Madison the day before.  Today I hiked 21 miles, my new record, in the Whites to put some icing on the cake.  I delivered some mail from hut to hut so I am getting work for stay  which is awesome.  For a little work, which is normally dish washing or talking about thru hiking to the day hikers, I get to gorge on their leftovers and a spot to sleep on the floor.  The food is the business!!! The day hikers stay up late so you end up losing sleep. 

Mt. Washington is awesome besides all the tourists.  I climbed in enviable weather, clear skies, with temps on the summit in the 40s and wind speeds around 60 mph. 

I'm still having fun everyday and loving the trip.  I have worn out a pair of shoes and socks.  Hanover, NH is less than a week out and there is an EMS in town to get fresh foot covers.  Treksta owes me a pair of shoes but that is an ongoing nightmare.  They will not be getting anymore of my business.

It is great to have a watch! Thank you father!!!